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Poochy Groom

Dog itchy pet grooming set

Dog itchy pet grooming set

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Natural itchy dog skin relief with itchy skin ingredients for pet grooming.

Formulated with itchy skin relief ingredients to help to stop your dogs itchy skin, condition, soothe and nourish their skin.

A complete pet grooming gift set for professional pet care for for a head to toe dog pampering set.

The pet care range consisting of a pet grooming set with 6 pet grooming products:

  •  Dog Shampoo - itchy and irritated oatmeal and aloe vera dog shampoo to relief your dog or puppy of itchy, dry, irritable skin. Vegan, Paraben and Sulphate free.
  • Dog Face Wash - gentle and kind, vegan, paraben, natural face wash for dry itchy, sensitive skin. 
  • Dog natural ear wash and ear cleanser - natural ear cleanser for dogs, a naturally derived dog ear cleanser a gentle formula to sooth and relief itchy skin, remove dirt and wax and helps to prevent infections. 
  • Dog coat spray -  natural dog coat spry conditioner to bring a shine to your dogs coat and condition your dog coat after washing and conditioning.
  • Dog fragrance spray - natural dog spray with a light grapefruit fragrance to banish smell and dog odours, deodorizes and conditions your dogs coat.
  • Dog paw and nose balm with conditioning tamanu oil, vitamins and moisturize to condition, nourish and protect your dogs delicate nose and paws.

Natural Simplicity

All our products are created with good old fashioned botanical ingredients carefully blended with high performance natural active ingredients and laced with pure essential oils

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