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Skin Brightening Organic Papaya & Pineapple Face Mask

Skin Brightening Organic Papaya & Pineapple Face Mask

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A gentle effective exfoliating gel face mask with organic papaya and pineapple

Renew and purify your complexion with this naturally soothing, an organic enriched tropical facial gel mask that gently dissolves dead skin cells, injecting skin-boosting Vitamin C and rich, botanical moisture.

Active Ingredients:

  • Organic Aloe Juice attracts & seals in moisture, encourages new skin cells to grow & enhances circulation
  • Papaya Extract naturally exfoliating, cleansing anti-inflammatory 
  • Green Papaya Extract enzyme actively dissolves dead and damaged skin cells
  • Pineapple Extract anti-bacterial antioxidant cools, exfoliates and protects from free-radicals
  • Witch Hazel hydrates, sanitizes and soothes, reducing redness or puffiness. Anti-aging properties.
  • Organic Pineapple and Papaya, two of the best natural skin brightening ingredients, exfoliate, brighten and cleanse the skin and protect skin cells from free-radicals.
  • Witch Hazel works to cool and soothe the skin, whilst organic Aloe Juice hydrates and stimulates healthy circulation.

This revitalising and rejuvenating face mask is the perfect skin-brightening, age-defying treatment for tired, dull and mature skin and is a great treatment for blemished or acne skin.

The Result: reveals a picture of health. More supple, calm and glowing skin that feels refreshed and smooth.

Advisory: use a sunscreen when in the sun after using this product

How to use: After cleansing and toning, spread over the face in a thin layer, avoiding the eyes. Leave for 15 minutes and remove with a warm, moist organic cotton flannel or muslin cloth. Rinse and pat dry. Tone again and moisturise.

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