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Organic foot care set for dry hard skin on the feet and heels

Organic foot care set for dry hard skin on the feet and heels

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Natural foot care set for women and men to hydrate dry skin on the feet and cool while absorbing quickly. Helps to soften, soothe, and condition the skin on the feet it can be used year-round with peppermint and tea tree essential oils makes this foot care set a delightful summer treat and foot care travel set

Natural foot care products for dry feet natural foot care hard skin remover vegan pedicure products with sulphate free nourishing foot soak to help to soften dry feet and get rid of dry hard skin on the feet and cracked heels and cooling and deodorizing foot spray. Foot care pedicure products designed as an organic pedicure professional set

Natural foot care kit with organic foot soak, natural hydrating and nourishing cooling foot lotion for hot feet. A moisturizing foot cooling lotion perfectly balanced to be not too heavy or too light. Hydrates with a reliable blend of of foot care products including Jojoba, Coconut, Aloe, Neem, and Sunflower oils with a hydrating and smoothing finish

Natural foot care set for hard skin with organic foot care products formulated with high performance organic ingredients to deeply cleanse, deodorize, hydrate, nourish and remove and moisturise dry feet leaving the smooth, soft and glowing

Foot care pedicure kit foot soak with bubbles to deodorize the feet with antibacterial properties, deeply nourishing vitamins and soothing and hydrating organic paraben free natural foot cooling lotion and cooling and refreshing leg and foot spray making this foot care set perfect for holidays or as travel essentials

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