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Teenage Girls Gift Vegan Pamper Set

Teenage Girls Gift Vegan Pamper Set

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  • TEENAGE GIRL GIFT SET- Teenage girl bath and body pamper gift set organic-rich products designed for sensitive teenager skin. Rich in natural moisturisers, vitamins and cleansing and purifying essential oils.
  • TEENAGE GIRL PAMPER SET - products that are gentle and pH balanced to support congested, spot prone and oily skin types.
  • VEGAN TEENAGE PAMPER BASKET - does not contain any animal ingredients - plant based bio-active natural ingredients with pure plant oils.
  • TEENAGE GIRLS GIFTS PAMPER SET - Cruelty-free animal and sea life-friendly. No plastic beads. Ideal for girls or boys pampering.
  • TEENAGE SENSITIVE SKINCARE FOR SENSITIVE/SPOT PRONE SKIN - created with delicate sensitive skin in mind with gentle, nourishing and skin-loving ingredients

Natural Simplicity

All our products are created with good old fashioned botanical ingredients carefully blended with high performance natural active ingredients and laced with pure essential oils

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